Why is the closing date at the end of January?

This is to ensure enough time for judging, to contact successful applicants and to leave enough time for schools to organise transportation and performances for the regional shows.

During registration which photos are used for online voting?

Photos 1 and 2 are used for voting. These should be the photos that show the design off best.

Can I use the same email to register more than once?

No, each time a team registers a different email address must be used. This is a technical issue. Free email address can be set up at www.gmail.com. We also use these email addresses to contact the students regarding important aspects of the competition and opportunities they may be interested in.

What needs to be uploaded during registration?

  • All team member names and contact details
  • teacher’s name and contact details
  • photos of design
  • music that will be used for catwalk performance
  • description of design

What format should photos be?

They will only upload if they are .JPEG

What format should music be?

Music should be in MP3 format

How are tickets allocated to teams?

The number of team members entered during registration will determine how many tickets are granted. If only one name is entered you will not receive any ticket as it is assumed that this is the name of model and he/she will be on stage and therefore not in the audience. If you enter two names you will receive one ticket and so on. A maximum of two tickets are available for each team. There are no exceptions. The teacher whose name is entered during registration will also receive a ticket.

Why is the school name not mentioned during the regional shows?

This is to ensure anonymity for the judges’ decision.  The school name is however revealed in the free programme.

Why are the regional shows in these particular venues?

The shows are held in these venues for travel convenience and seating capacity.

Where is the grand final held?


Why is the grand final held at this time of the year?

Consultation with teachers has found that this month suits the majority of school timetables

Why are tickets for the grand final this price?

The price of the tickets reflect the production, venue and organisation of such a show.

Is there a video of the shows?

The regional shows are not recorded. We will have information about the final nearer the time.

What do the students do during downtime on the day of their final?

It may seem like a lot of hanging around but the day goes very quickly. Last year during the grand final a bean bag chill out room containing game stations was organised for students but none of them had time to use it because they had too many preparations to do before the show!

How is the running order for the shows determined?

The music that is chosen to compliment the performance determines where the dress is placed in the show. The playlist of the show must flow and each song must compliment the one that came before it.

What happens at the end of the grand final?

The top 3 designs from each region will face the judges and the judges will choose the winner from that region. An overall winner will then be chosen.

Are teachers allowed into the auditorium to see the rehearsal?

No, the event staff will be preparing the seating area at this time.

How are holding areas for the shows determined?

Each team will have a designated area in a room.

Are there separate male/ female holding areas back stage?

No, many teams are made up of both male and female students. Students should use bathroom facilities to change in privacy.

Is there a room for teachers to socialise privately away from students?

Unfortunately there isn’t due to the limited space within the theatres.

Are certificates given to every student to award participation?

Yes, all students that compete in either the regional or final shows will be awarded a certificate.

What length is the catwalk?

The catwalk in each theatre is a different length. However models should be aware that they could be performing on a catwalk that is 1 meter above the audience and therefore 10 points will  be deducted if appropriate undergarments aren’t worn.

Why is there online voting?

To acknowledge the hard work and creativity of the students and their creation, but most importantly to create awareness and highlight the importance of reusing and recycling through social media.

Is voting not unfair on smaller schools?

Designs from smaller towns have statistically achieved the most votes over the last few years, this may be down to better community spirit.

Can you see how many votes you have got?

This year your votes will be tallied up instantly and displayed.

What percentage does voting make up in your final score?


What is the voting used for?

Results from voting will make up 10% of the designs overall mark and may be used in a tie break situation.

Will votes be used as a tie breaker?

Yes, if the situation arises we will revert to the public vote to decide.

Do judges inspect the designs up close?

Yes, before each regional show begins each judge will personally inspect each design to see special details, materials used and talk to the designers.

Why do the models have to put on a performance?

We are putting on a show and therefore performance is essential.